CRAZY BIRDS is a creative platform, working closely with advertising agencies, media companies, music labels and brands. A digital playground for those who want to stay ahead of the curve. Founded by Gijs van der Togt, out of love for interesting music, great ideas and new products. CRAZY BIRDS was nominated for two Dutch Bloggies, teamed up with various advertising agencies and collaborated on various projects with brands such as Bacardi and Jameson.

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CRAZY BIRDS is a place for those who want to stay ahead of the curve, born out of love for interesting music, great ideas and new products. But to achieve my dreams, collaboration is crucial. Therefore, I’m always on the look out for promising artists creating new and exciting things. Send me a mail to get involved.


Crazy Birds

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Gijs van der Togt





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Wake up and smell the kerosene


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Dipped in disco mix by the always entertaining Aeroplane. Vito De Luca starts this mixtape with an euhm… interesting collaboration between Junkie XL and Jan Hammer (!).

“If you fly with Aeroplane once, you won’t forget it” - Aeroplane

Via a larger than life remix by Black Strobe Vito concludes his little disco adventure with some reworks of his songs. By then, you’re long way sold. In a stream, after the jump. Via Trax Magazine.



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